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Known as one of the most revered manufacturing leaders, the GROZ Engineering Tools company has been producing high-quality engineering equipment since 1976.

With their focus being primarily on manufacturing the very best tools in terms of quality and precision, Groz has ensured to carefully manufacture each tool under the most stringent quality control processes in the industry. The staff of 2000 dedicated men working in the 500 000 square-foot manufacturing plant work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible tools available.

Groz Engineering released their first Indestructible Handle Hammers in and have since been improving and expanding this range. These hammers are the perfect solution for the builder who does not wish to constantly have to replace his/her tools.

What makes these hammer INDESTRUCTIBLE?


 The Groz Indestructible Hammer Handles consist of 4-spring steel bars that run along the entire length hand. These bars contain steel locking plates locking them to the head to ensure that the hammerhead never gets dislodged.


PictureThis together with the special bonding process work to ensure that the handle and head never separate.

So much impact, what about vibration?

PictureThe Groz Indestructible Handles also feature an ergonomic rubber grip that absorbs the shock and vibration resulting from heavy use. This feature greatly reduces fatigue and prevents the user from sustaining injuries.


Groz Hammer Heads

The Groz Range of Indestructible Hammers offers two types of heads for both the regular and heavier duty builder. These are known as the Soft Face 30 HRC Head and the Heavy Duty 52 HRC Head respectively.

  • Groz Soft Face 30 HRC Head 

These heads are forged from special steel and are induction case hardened and then tempered to reduce the hardness within the 30-35 HRC mark. These softer heads are also made in a way that causes them to “mushroom” when struck against harder based materials. This feature greatly prevents the damage caused by the struck workpieces.


What is HRC?

Also sometimes referred to as RC, is the Rockwell C Scale to represent the hardness of the material – usually steel. The higher the number, the harder the steel


  • Groz Heavy Duty 52 HRC Head

Unlike the Soft Face Heads, these heavy-duty heads are tempered to a hardness within the 52-56 HRC range. These heads are best recommended for demolition work where the surface being struck is softer than the head of the hammer. Available in shorter handle lengths as well, for the automotive user.

View our full range of Groz Hammers on Tools4Builders.

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