King Tony: Professional Tools To Enjoy Your Work

Founded in a time when Taiwan lacked a lot of capital and technology, Charles Lai and Tony Lin started their hot forge factory in 1976. Their focus has always been on manufacturing the best hand tools made for both the professional and enthusiast markets. These hand tools are made to not only meet the standards of the best European brands but rather to exceed the world’s toughest standards. This speaks to the company’s commitment to high-quality tooling. 

King Tony Precision Forging Technology

In the forging process, metal moved while it is still in the solid-state. King Tony specialized in forging technology to create a better metal configuration. Non-straight grain flow and non-sharp corners can extend the lifetime and durability of the socket. Torque is transmitted for powerful tightening under safety.



Finest material for tools

Tools are made to extend handwork. King Tony selects different materials depends on their difference of nature for tightening, power impacting, cutting, rotating, and locking. Choose qualified material to meet the required lifetime for professional use and consumption.

King Tony Color Identification System

King Tony built their high qality sockets in two colors – BLUE for metric size, RED for imperial size-  this makes it super easy to make your selection much easier. They further extended this idea to their tool storage and management in order to help professionals save time.




High performance for cutting

A greater hardness at the edge makes it very sharp and easy to cut. Wear-resistant design is for different purposes pliers and cutters. Our high leverage combination pliers quality is tested by cutting piano wire with sharp performance.


Advanced structure saves time

There are more and more improved tool structure comes out every year. King Tony selects useful ideas and engineering functions on developing a new product within quality and economic concerns. Every piece of component is designed for the comfort of users.



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