New Bosch Green Lasers For You

Since the production of the first pocket tape measure was sold to Stanley Works by Hiram A. Farrand in 1926, this tool has been the staple of any workshop. Through the years, we have moved from the spring-operated tape measures to tape measures that have AutoLock functions like the Stanley Fatmax.

With the advancement of technology, this tool has evolved. Fast-forward to the year 2021 and most tradesmen and builders have added a new kind of tape measure to their arsenal of tools. This is the laser-embedded digital measure. With these modern tool innovations, measuring has become a lot more accurate, efficient, and easy to use.

In our previous article, Moving Away From The Tape Measure: Digital Laser Measure, we discussed the various ways that laser measurers have made life easy and explored a few popular options at the time. Today, we intend to update that article with a few awesome new offerings from Bosch’s Green or Home/DIY range.

Bosch Quigo Green Cross Line Laser

Enjoy maximum visibility with the Quigo green cross-line laser. Simply slide the one-slider up to project the self-leveling laser cross onto walls for precise work. The Quigo green is up to four times more visible than red lasers thanks to its green laser diodes that provide high visibility even in bright lighting conditions. 

From hanging pictures and curtain rails to installing kitchen and bathroom furniture, the Quigo green delivers accurate guidelines across a wide range of projects with an accuracy of +/-0.8 mm/m. It has a self-leveling range of +/-4° and projects a perfect laser cross, for precise and easy alignment on the wall, even when the tool is on a slightly uneven surface. The tool includes the MM2 universal clamp and an adapter plate for easy and versatile positioning.


Bosch Universal Temp Thermo Detector

Convenient and easy measuring of surface temperatures: UniversalTemp from  Bosch for DIY enthusiasts - Bosch Media Service

Measuring surface temperatures using the UniversalTemp is simple. Its infrared laser technology has a broad measurement range of -30°C to +500°C. Choose between three measuring modes for more precise results depending on the material or switch between individual or continuous modes to customize your results. 

The thermometer’s ergonomic design with an inverted segmented display and a backlight increase visibility, making results easy to read. The current and previous measurements are displayed for quick reference during use. Measure the temperature of a fridge or freezer, an oven or pizza stone, or control the isolation of windows to detect the source of energy loss.

Bosch UniversalInspect Inspection Camera

Bosch UniversalInspect — Sven Grönberg Photography & Postproduction

The easy-to-use UniversalInspect offers full visibility in hard-to-reach areas. It provides a view into tight spaces when searching for lost items, checking pipes for blockages, detecting damage to car hoses, inspecting cavities in suspended ceilings, or seeing why the washing machine will not run. Up to eight images can be stored internally or transferred via a micro-SD card. Use the digital zoom and LED illumination on the camera head to get even more clarity during use. Handy accessories like a hook, a magnet, and two brackets help to retrieve lost items.


Bosch Atino Set Line Laser

Bosch Atino Levelling Set | 0603663A01 | Tools4Builders

Hanging objects without further help has become easy. The Atino combines all relevant functionalities of a line laser and features an integrated 1.5-m measuring tape. The innovative gel pad can be fixed on smooth and insensitive surfaces, such as tiles and marble. 

When it comes to rough surfaces or wallpaper, the pin plate with the two small pins is the ideal attachment solution. It can be used for a wide range of jobs: whether aligning or hanging pictures or shelves, fixing hooks or handles, or arranging objects – the Atino is all that´s needed. It enables vertical or horizontal leveling via intuitive LED indication, and offers an accuracy of the visible laser line of ± 0.3°

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