Spray Shelters – Why Do You Need Them?

Spray painting furniture, parts, and any other objects using your compressor and spray gun is a much more efficient and faster way to paint your projects without creating a mess you have to explain later. What does a spray shelter do and how does it help you spray carefree.

A spray shelter is a canopy that operates as a shield for your surroundings, allowing the user to spray their desired object without the worry of causing damage to their surroundings.

Wagner Range of Spray Shelters

The Wagner Large Spray Shelter is a tent-like structure that provides a large, safe area to spray paint or stain while protecting your surrounding area from overspray drift. It’s great for use when spraying with Wagner airless and HVLP paint sprayers or aerosol cans.

The paint spray booth is 2.7m (width) x 1.8m (depth) x 1.65m (height) which is a great size for spraying dressers, dining sets, doors, and other large furniture pieces. The spray tent features an integrated floor to keep your ground protected from messes, whether you’re in your garage or on the grass. It also has a screen door that can be rolled down to protect your projects from bugs, grass, or debris while drying.

What are the different types of spray shelters available in the market?

You can get a custom-built spray shelter made for your specific purpose because manufacturers take care of the users’ varying needs. These are. however, harder to acquire locally. Here are a few examples currently available at Tools4. 

Open face spray shelters

A roof, two sides, and a rear exhaust plenum are included in these variants. The open front allows air to flow in and out through the back exhaust system. For woodworking and polishing furniture, open-type shelters are popular. These booths can also be seen in car facilities ranging from manufacturing to repair.

Pressurized shelters

This is an enclosed spray shelter that pulls in the same amount of air as it exhausts outside. An air makeup system or heater is utilized to help with temperature management and air purity in colder situations. This is a popular method for manufacturing and refinishing autos and electronics, where a clean environment is critical to the quality of the final product.

Non-pressurized booths

Through a series of filters, this system pulls air from the building and expels it into it. Non-pressurized spray paint booths are used in a variety of industries, including vehicle manufacture and restoration, fiberglass, and metal works.

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