Einhell CE-JS 18/1 Jump-Start – Power Bank | 1091531


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Product Description

Einhell CE-JS 18/1 Jump-Start – Power Bank | 1091531.

The Einhell CE-JS 18/1 Jump Start Power Bank is a compact, handy jump start and power station which is great to have in the car and when you are on the go. With a single unit, you can jump start the car when the battery is dead, and you can also quickly and easily charge cell phones, laptops, cameras, etc. The high capacity 3 x 6000 mAh (computationally) lithium polymer battery delivers all the power you need. The charge status is shown on the LED display. The LED work light on the small power station with steady on, strobe light and SOS signal for various emergency situations can also be very handy to have. The Power Bank has a 5V / 2A USB output, Speed Charging output, a 12V / 10A output (for compressors/inflators in the car) and a 19V / 3.5A output (for notebooks and laptops) to provide a portable source of power for quickly charging and powering a wide variety of devices. Jumper cables with fully insulated terminal clamps and overload protection for connection to the Power Bank, a USB adapter cable, an adapter cable with 9 different notebook adapters (suitable for e.g. Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, NEC, ect.), a 230V charging adapter is included along with a practical protective case for storing the Power Bank and accessories.


  • Compact, handy jump start and power bank
  • High capacity 3 x 6000 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • LED charge status indicator
  • LED work light (steady on, strobe light & SOS emergency signal)
  • 12V/300A jump start function for empty/discharged car batteries
  • For Petrol up to 8,000 ccm and Diesel up to 5,000 ccm
  • Jump start cable with insulated clamps and overload protection
  • Portable power supply for charging cell phones, laptops, cameras.
  • USB 5V / 2A and Speed Charging output for cell phones, tablets..
  • 12V / 10A output for car compressor/inflator, etc.
  • 19V / 3.5A output for notebooks/laptops, etc.
  • Incl. USB adapter cable (Micro/Mini/Typ C USB)
  • Incl. adapter cable with 9 different notebook adapters
  • Incl. 230V charging adapter
  • Supplied in practical protective storage case

Technical Data:

Do you like to read the technical data sheet before choosing your product? You can find the most important facts and figures for Jump-Start – Power Bank CE-JS 18/1 here:

Battery capacity: 6 Ah
Charging state indicator type: LED indicator light
Jump starter charging cable type: USB-cable (Type A to Micro-USB)
Max. cylinder capacity diesel engine: 5000 cm³
Max. cylinder capacity petrol engine: 8000 cm³
Pole clamp version: Completely insulated
Product weight: 0.7 Kg


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