Hikoki/Hitachi Cordless Impact Driver

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Product Description

  • New Hammering Mechanism Triple Hammer
  • As of July 2015. Among power tools made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Surveyed by Koki Holdings.)

Three strikers on the hammer offers greater comfort with less cam-out

The hammer with 3 strikers reduces vibration by making 3 impacts per rotation instead of the conventional 2. This results in greater comfort and less cam-out (driver slippage from screw head), and works great for light-duty applications such as fastening short or thin screws. In order to suit various applications, a 4-step tightening mode selector function is also incorporated.

4-step Tightening Mode Selector
Soft Mode
3 impacts per rotation(when tightening smaller diameter screws or bolts)
Normal Mode
3 impacts per rotation(when tightening medium to larger diameter screws or bolts)
Power Mode
1.5 impacts per rotation(Only when under heavy load)
Self Drilling Screw Mode
3 impacts per rotation

Power Mode

  • When enabled under heavy load, the power mode dramatically increases the impact energy by reducing the impact rate to 1.5 impacts per rotation and extending the interval between successive impacts. This mode is ideal for long or thick screws.

Tightening Speed

  • When driving a ø5.3 x 120mm wood screw into hard wood without a pilot hole.

    1. In comparison with the WH18DDL 18V cordless impact driver.
    2. In comparison with the WH14DDL 14.4V cordless impact driver.

Tightening Torque

Newly Designed Airflow System for Optimal Cooling Efficiency

  • The rear fan efficiently cools down the motor and hammer case for more durability.

Well-Balanced Weight Distribution for Better Work Efficiency

  • Less user fatigue due to the well-balanced design with the center of gravity positioned at the middle finger of the grip hand.

Multifunction LED for Increased Visibility Remaining Battery Indicator

  • By pressing the light selector switch, the LED mode changes:
    1. Always On / Off mode
    2. Trigger switch interlocked with afterglow mode

IP56 Dust and Water Resistant*


Thanks to the unique design of dust-protective cooling windows and fully plastic coating on some important inner parts, this product conforms to IP56 protection class ratings (dust and water resistance) for electrical equipment as stipulated by the international IEC regulations.

  •  The equipment has been designed to withstand the effects of dust and water, but there is no guarantee that it will not malfunction. Do not use or leave the equipment in locations where it is subject to excessive amounts of dust, or in locations where it is submerged in water or subject to rainwater. (Only the main unit conforms to the IP56 protection class ratings when equipped with a battery.)

High Capacity 6.0Ah Lithium-ion Batteries*for Longer Runtime

  • Wood screws 4.0mm in dia. x 50mm in length, cedar without pilot holes.

    •  These numbers are for reference purposes. They may vary according to the material to be screwed and operating conditions.

Fast Chargingoffered by Our original charging technology

  • Built-in cooling system

    reduces charging time by efficiently cooling both the battery and charger at the same time during charging.

  • Large charge indicator lamp

    with 4 color status LED and sound alert once charging is complete

    USB port (5V – 2A)
    Capable of charging at low & high temperatures

    (-10℃ to 50℃)

    •  The included batteries and charger vary by country or area.


CapacityOrdinary Bolt5 – 18mm (3/16 – 23/32″)5 – 16mm (3/16 – 5/8″)
High Tension Bolt5 – 14mm (3/16 – 9/16″)
Machine Screw4 – 10mm (5/32 – 3/8″)
Self Drilling Screw3.5 – 6mm (1/8 – 1/4″)
Drive6.35mm (1/4″) Hex Bit Shank
Tightening Torque207Nm (1,832in.-lbs.)175Nm (1,550in.-lbs.)
Power Output108Wh for BSL1860
90Wh for BSL1850
54Wh for BSL1830
87Wh for BSL1460
72Wh for BSL1450
44Wh for BSL1430
No Load SpeedPower Mode0 – 2,900/min0 – 2,800/min
Normal Mode0 – 2,900/min0 – 2,800/min
Soft Mode0 – 900/min
Self Drilling Screw Mode0 – 2,900/min0 – 2,800/min
Full Load Impact RatePower Mode0 – 4,000/min0 – 3,900/min
Normal Mode0 – 4,000/min0 – 3,900/min
Soft Mode0 – 1,900/min0 – 1,800/min
Self Drilling Screw Mode0 – 2,100/min0 – 1,900/min
Overall Length127mm (5″)
Overall Length1.6kg (3.5lbs.) with BSL1860 / BSL1850 / BSL18301.4kg (3.1lbs.)
1.3kg (2.9lbs.) with BSL1830C
Vibration Total Values (triax vector sum)*2Impact tightening of fasteners of the maximum capacity of the toolVibration emission value ah = 16.7m/s2Vibration emission value ah = 12.6m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2
Standard Accessories*32 Batteries (BSL1860, BSL1850, BSL1830, BSL1830C)2 Batteries (BSL1460, BSL1450 or BSL1430)
Charger (UC18YFSL / UC18YSL3), Battery Cover, Carrying Case
  1. Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003.
  2. Vibration total values (triax vector sum)determined according to EN60745.
  3. The included batteries and charger vary by country or area.


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