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Off-Grid Living Basics – Electricity

City living has its perks.  The many available amenities at our doorstep and the proximity to commerce make it possible for us to grow and further our careers. Through time, however, we begin to grow sick of the never-ending rat race. The noise of the city traffic, the constant concern about safety, and the reliance […]

Spray Shelters – Why Do You Need Them?

Spray painting furniture, parts, and any other objects using your compressor and spray gun is a much more efficient and faster way to paint your projects without creating a mess you have to explain later. What does a spray shelter do and how does it help you spray carefree. A spray shelter is a canopy […]

Load-shedding Solutions: What to look for in Generators

Load shedding is back and probably here to stay for a long while. A lot of us have found ways to prepare and combat this era of darkness. Some of the main methods of doing this in the most efficient ways are through using petrol-powered electricity generators. Although the price of fuel is at an […]

New Bosch Green Lasers For You

Since the production of the first pocket tape measure was sold to Stanley Works by Hiram A. Farrand in 1926, this tool has been the staple of any workshop. Through the years, we have moved from the spring-operated tape measures to tape measures that have AutoLock functions like the Stanley Fatmax. With the advancement of […]

Lubrication Systems – Grease/Oil Guns & Pumps [continued]

In our previous article, Lubrication Systems – Grease/Oil Guns & Pumps, we explored the applications and various types of grease guns available on the market today.  Although grease guns are the most common type of lubrication pump, these can sometimes on specific applications, be too small to achieve the required lubrication in the most efficient way possible. […]

Useful Accessories/Tools To Carry Around In Your Car

Getting to know your car is one of the first steps in becoming a motor enthusiast. You begin to notice the minor things that others might ignore, the subtle aspects of motoring which will increase your appreciation of the drive. Today, we will discuss a few important aspects of motoring which will get you out of any […]

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