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Shooting Heat – Heat Guns: All You Need To Know

Heat guns have been used throughout the years to perform a variety of applications. In their most rudimentary forms, the paraffin and bottled gas blowtorches, these heat guns would produce a naked flame which would also run the risk of scorching the wood or any other surface which the user would work in. The modern-day […]

Moving Away From The Tape Measure: Digital Laser Measures

Since the production of the first pocket tape measure was sold to Stanley Works by Hiram A. Farrand in 1926, this tool has been the staple of any workshop. Through the years, we have moved from the spring-operated tape measures to tape measures that have AutoLock functions like the Stanley Fatmax. With the advancement of […]

Pneumatic Basics: Air Powered Tools

In our previous article Pneumatic Basics: Compressors – Holding Your Breath we explored the various basic components of the air compressor and the factors to consider when choosing an air compressor for your workshop tools. Today, we will be looking into the various tools available to use on the air compressor Air Powered Drills & […]

Pneumatic Basics: Compressors (Holding Your Breath)

The basic function of an air compressor is to absorb surrounding air and compressing the air which is then stored in the tank and moved through several other components to deliver the optimum force required to use on your tools. This air compression is done by the use of a piston(s) and a specific cylinder [...]

What is Plumbers Tape and where do I use it?

Every home should have a roll of plumbers tape – but what is it and what do you use it for? https://za.pinterest.com/pin/195906652526976720/ Plumbers tape, also known as thread seal tape, PTFE tape or Teflon tape, is a flexible tape that is used to seal pipe threads. The tape is wound around threaded fittings to create […]

Geyser Tips

Geyser Tips In an average household, the geyser is the most energy-consuming appliance – taking up almost 40 percent of your monthly electrical bill. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your geyser. Keep energy costs down The first step in keeping energy costs down is to choose the right geyser for […]