Mat-Air Oiless & Silent Compressors

Compressors earn a very bad reputation as being machines that are heavy, bulky, and deserving to be limited to a larger and more industrial workspace. This is largely because these machines have for years, been considered as being synonymous with noise and dirt.

The noise is usually attributed to the running of a belt-driven mechanical motor and the multiplicity of small moving parts banging against each other and the most metal construction.

And the mess, well the reason why most people with cheap and older compressors use drop sheets when working with their compressors is that most air compressors comprise of some machine oil within them to lubricate the moving parts. With older compressors, time and constant mobility can cause the compressor to begin to leak oil. 

The introduction of the Oil-less Compressor

Matair 24L Silent Oil-less Compressor (AIR3000)

Matair 24L Silent Oil-less Compressor (AIR3000)

The Matair AIR3000 Silent and oil-less compressor is the perfect companion to your workshop. The wheels and vibration-damping feet ensure that your compressor is not making any noise and is held up securely. The Matair AIR3000 has a tank capacity of 24litres and a manual reset function to provide overload protection of the electric motor.

With a maximum noise level of 66db and delivering 1HP/0.75kW of power, this machine has ample power to become a staple in your workshop.




MAT-AIR 30L Vertical Oil-less Compressor (AIR3200)

MAT-AIR 30L Vertical Silent Oil-less Compressor (AIR3200)

A dramatic space saver, the MatAir AIR3200 Vertical Oil-less Compressor is perfect for a workspace where the size of the machine needs to be consideredGoing vertical will allow your compressor to relax in the corner. Although much louder than its silent counterpart, the MatAir AIR3200 Vertical Oil-less Compressor has a 30l capacity and a powerful 2-horsepower motor to ensure an adequate and consistent air-flow.


MAT-AIR Oil-less Compressor in Carry Case (AIR3100)

MAT-AIR Silent Oil-less Compressor in Carry Case (AIR3100)For a more portable option that you can carry around, the MatAir AIR3100 Oil-less Compressor is enclosed inside a carry case and has no tank capacity, making it extremely light and a pleasure to use with mobility.

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