Polishers: What You Need Them For & What Is Available

Used in the final stage of finishing a project, polishers are the never-tiring helping hands that you need. Polishers have an appearance similar to that of an angle grinder with the advantage of having relatively softer pads and also having the variable speed function to provide you with as much control as possible. These polishers operate under the simple principle of rubbing the surface down to bring it to the desired polish. Polishers can be used on various materials, like wood, stone, glass, etc.

Today we explore the various polishers available to the newbie, the novice, and the professional.

Torkcraft 180mm (POL02) 1200W Polisher 

Polisher 1200w wool bonnet 180mm with 4m cord 6 months warranty

Perfect for the DIY-user and beginner, the Torkcraft (POL02) Polisher is professionally manufactured for the automotive paint care and detailing industries. These polishers are also ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue in long term use. The Torkcraft (POL02) 1200W Polisher has various hand-held positions to better hold the polisher at angles. The integrated gear system has a two-level deduction. With two times the amount of torque than a single gear set polisher.





Bosch GPO 14 CE Polisher

Bosch GPO 14 CE Polisher

For the user who demands more power, reliability, and hard work – the Bosch Professional range of polishers is the way to go. The Bosch GPO 14 CE Polisher boasts a powerful 1400-watt motor which has a soft start to lessen fatigue when polishing larger surfaces. This compact, yet powerful machine, is compact and very easy to handle. Weighing only 2.5kg and equipped with an ergonomically-friendly handle, the hard worker can use this polisher all day long.

Bosch GPO 950 Polisher

Bosch GPO 950 Polisher

Always leading the pack when it comes to innovation, Bosch Professional released the Bosch GPO 950 Polisher a few years ago. The Bosch GPO 950 Professional Polisher is Bosch’s first vertical polisher. This beautiful and compact ergonomic design is made to ensure that prolonged polishing is easy and fast.

Tools4Builders is able to accommodate any request related to this wide range of polishers. Please browse through our online catalogue.

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