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Choosing the Right Door For Your House - Tools4Builders

Choosing the Right Door For Your House

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We touch our doors many times a day, but we probably don’t think about them unless they’re broken. Homes need doors. They block weather and invaders.

Doors vary. Interior and external doors differ. Quality doors, like furniture, last for years. Changing a door may be difficult. You may need new hinges or a larger frame for your new door. Choose a new door wisely.

First, choose a door material. Based on your home’s design, the door’s purpose, or your taste.


  • Hinged—a basic door with hinges. Right or left, the door swings in or out. Hinged doors can have one knob or a lockable handle. The hinged door opens by push or pull.
  • Fold-a-side – the concertina-style door stacks at one or both ends. It integrates indoor and outdoor rooms effortlessly and is a fantastic solution for small spaces.
  • French– French doors are hinged glass doors that resemble windows. Patios and garden entrances still use it.
  • Dutch or stable doors—hinged doors divided horizontally. The stable door, once used as a backdoor, blocks the bottom yet lets air and light in.
  • Sliding doors open on tracks. Single or double sliding doors feature fixed panels. They’re external and interior doors. Patios and pools have glass sliding doors. The room is well-lit. In small rooms, wardrobe doors might slide.

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Door styles and materials vary. Consider each material’s merits and downsides.

  • Wood

Traditional exterior and interior doors are wood. Exterior doors made of different woods must be treated to survive the elements. Wood doors are sturdy but require frequent upkeep. Beautiful wood is timeless. Dylan Miller, Swartland’s national marketing manager, thinks wood is a great building material. It is renewable, an excellent insulator, and long-lasting if properly maintained. Properly kept timber windows and doors will add value to your home.

  • Iron

Steel doors are cheap but not always suitable. Steel doors are strong but dentable. They need to be painted, and nicks and scratches can make the door seem bad. Unmaintained, it may rust. Garages and sheds employ steel doors.

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  • Aluminium

Aluminium doors are the newcomers. Entrance, fold-a-side, and sliding aluminium doors are available. They come in several colors. Aluminium doors are strong, rust-free, and easy to clean.

  • Veneered door

MDF cores strengthen veneered doors. Veneer doors are not inferior to wood. Veneer doors can be cheaper than wood, but they are not always of poorer quality. Modern things are well-made, but you get what you pay for. Veneer doors have many colors and styles. The door is flawless and constant in color. Veneer production is eco-friendly.


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