Lubrication Systems – Grease/Oil Guns & Pumps [continued]

In our previous article, Lubrication Systems – Grease/Oil Guns & Pumpswe explored the applications and various types of grease guns available on the market today. 

Although grease guns are the most common type of lubrication pump, these can sometimes on specific applications, be too small to achieve the required lubrication in the most efficient way possible. When the user needs to perform a lot of lubrication, the grease gun is replaced by the larger grease pumps which are usually either operated by hand, foot, or pneumatic power.

Unlike grease guns, grease pumps are usually identified by incorporating a larger drum in which the lubricant is held and pumped out of the drum from the top by a lever of sorts. These drums can withhold a larger amount of lubricant while also allowing the user to exert more pressure while pumping. This heavy-duty action makes pumping lubricants out of these machines are far more efficient and energy-saving alternative. These high-pressure portable grease pumps are great for quick and effortless greasing in everyday lubrication such as greasing of excavators & other earth moving equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive, etc.

Groz VGP Hand Operated Bucket Greasers


The Groz VGP range of bucket pumps can deliver up to 9 grams of grease which is each stroke. This is twice the amount of grease discharged by any other pump. The Groz VGP Hand Operated Bucket Grease Pumps are fully CNC machined to very close tolerances to ensure the standard of quality in this product. These Groz VGP Grease Pumps are able to develop pressure up to 4000 PSI (275 BAR)

Whereas most pumps work only with light Greases, the VGP series pumps work equally well with NLGI 1, 2 & 3 Greases








Groz FOP Foot Operated Bucket Greasers


Offering the best in hands-free operation, the Groz FOP range of foot-operated pumps allows the user the option of using a foot lever to pump lubricant, which greatly reduces effort & allows high pressure greasing with the highest comfort and efficiency. When under lower machinery, however, the Groz FOP Foot Operated Bucket Greasers and also be operated by hand. These high-quality, economical pumps are operated by a single person & use low-cost bulk grease. These pumps are designed with all the moving parts submerged in the same grease which needs to be pumped, thereby staying lubricated at all times. Moving parts create wave action in grease, auto removing air pockets & eliminating the use of a follower plate. The Groz FOP Foot Operated Bucket Grease Pumps deliver over 2 gms of grease per stroke & develop 8700 PSI (600 BAR).

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