Jorgensen e-z hold 18’medium duty/spreaderclamp-expandable

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Jorgensen e-z hold 18’medium duty/spreaderclamp-expandable

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Pony clamps - a quality clamping solution companyJorgensen
18-Inch One-Handed Spreader Clamp


Pony Clamps - 18-Inch One-Handed Clamp


The first bar clamp to expand by joining two clamps together with no tools or added
accessories needed. The patented head design allows any two Jorgensen Bar Clamps
to be joined together for greater clamping capacity. By quickly flipping the
head, you join two clamps together and also increase total clamping capacity by
6-Inch over the original two clamps.

Example: Two 12-Inch Bar Clamps joined
together will give you one clamp with an 30-Inch capacity. With every two clamps
you buy, it’s like getting a third, larger clamp for free.


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