Magswitch m50-300/255 lifting magnet 110475(MAG8100089)


Magswitch m50-300/255 lifting magnet 110475(MAG8100089)

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MAGSWITCH R7050 – MARINE TETHERThe Magswitch MLAY Series Magnets are perfect for all material sizes and
light to heavy lifting. These lifters are lightweight and have a small profile,
and feature our full swivel hooks for lifting from the top or the side.

a locking handle to ensure release of load is only intentional The MLAY Series
has option to order custom shoe that mounts underneath for customized shapes.
Manual on/off operation.   With full field saturation (hold force) at ½’
(12,7 mm) these lifters are ideal for thinner steel, but hold thick steel just as

Magswitch Lifters are lighter and stronger, pound for pound, than competitive
shunting switchable magnets.
The super strong ‘SINGLE 50mm’ is rated at 80kg (175
lbs). (3X factor of safety) breakaway on ½ inch and thicker flat metal.

Rated at 36kg (80lbs) for round materials!

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • More effective than the competition on thinner materials.
  • Holds flat and round non-flexing material.
  • Super Strong
  • Pivoting Head
  • Holds Round Material


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