Magswitch m50-600/440 lifting magnet(MAG8100360)


Magswitch m50-600/440 lifting magnet(MAG8100360)

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Magswitch M50-600/440 Lifting Magnet

heavy lifters are simply the best lightest in class and compact heavy lifting magnets
on the market.

Magswitch technology enables strong grip on thin material, superior hold on uneven
surfaces and easy on/off on thin steel. Magswitch lifters offer a new level of safety
with a dual hook for load stabilization (patent pending).

The unit features a locking handle to ensure release of load is only intentional.
The MLAY Series has an option to order a custom shoe that mounts underneath for
customized shapes. Manual on/off operation.

Comes with replaceable pole shoes for easy maintenance.

How do you select a lifting magnet?

A safety factor has to be taken into account when picking up loads with a
magnet. This depends on the risk assessment. If it is absolutely impossible for
people to be affected when the load falls out, then factor 2 suffices. If there
is a risk of human injury, a safety factor of 3 is recommended.

Each magnet has a measured maximum break-off force. When the break-off force
is 4500 N, then the max. load can amount to 2250 N with a safety factor 2 and
1500 N with a safety factor 3. The specified break-off force
has been measured for an ideal situation.

If the contact with the magnet is not as good, for example, because the
surface is not flat, or due to the presence of rust, then the break-off force
will be lower. A Magswitch of ø 50 mm is ideal for lifting steel parts of a
thickness of up to about 20 mm. The Magswitch with a diameter of 70 mm has
reached its maximum holding strength at a steel thickness of 40 mm.


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