Magswitch magsquare 1000 110031(MAG8100099)


Magswitch magsquare 1000 110031(MAG8100099)

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Magswitch MagSquare 1000

MAGSWITCH MAGSQUARE 1000Magswitch on/off magnetic workholding square with incredible 446kg (1000-lbs)
holding capacity. For use in welding, woodworking or anywhere steel is used. MagSquares
exert a strong magnetic hold on 3 sides, and provide fast and easy multi-plane workholding
for positioning steel.

Magswitch MagSquares open a powerful magnetic field with
a simple 180-degree turn of the knob. Machined at 90 degree angles, MagSquares are
ideal for fixturing and offer many uses: level sheet, support, stop, guide, mounting
base; the uses are endless. A must for every fabricator and welder.

Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control,
super strong, precise positioning. Holds flat and round steel.

  • Versatile on/off magnetic workholding Square. Incredibly strong fast set
    ups, precise positioning machined at 90 degrees.
  • Features pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting tools, jigs and fixtures.
  • Mounts anywhere with no limitations like clamps. Magnetic grip on 5 sides.
    Holds flat and round steel.
  • Use as a guide, stop or to secure steel, level sheets, destack capability.


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