Micro-Tec Engine Locking/Setting N47/57 | M0906555


Micro-Tec Engine Locking/Setting N47/57 | M0906555

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Diesel Engine Setting/Locking Kit BMW N47 / N57 2.0, 3.0 Chain Drive
Includes Camshaft Setting Plate, Flywheel Locking Pin and Crankshaft Turning Tool.
Also Includes HP Pump Sprocket Retaining Tool Required During Pump Removal and
Replacement Applications.
Crankshaft Locking Tool (114 320)
Without it, it’s Impossible to Replace the Oil Pump Chain, Both Timing Chains, the Gear of the
High Pressure Pump and of the Balancer Shaft.
This Kit is Necessary When the Timing Chain Creaks (links Damaged).
The N47 Engine Family is Prone to Excessive Timing Chain Wear and Premature Failure.
Rattling Noise from Rear of the Engine is Indicative of the Condition.
Timing Chain Failure May Call for Engine Replacement or a Costly Repair.
Model: BMW – 114d F20/21 1.6D (12-14), 116d E81/82/87/88 (08-12), 116d F20/21 2.0D (11-13),
118d E81/82/87/88 2.0D (07-14), 118d F20/21 2.0D (11-13), 120d 2.0D E81/82/87/88 (07-14),
120d/xDrive F20/21 2.0D (11-13), 123d E81/82/87/88 2.0D (07-14), 125D F20/21 2.0D (12-13),
316d E90/91/92/93 2.0D (09-12), 316d F30/31 2.0D (12-13), 318d E90/91/92/93 2.0D (07-12),
318d F30/31 2.0D (12-13), 318D F30/31 2.0D (12-13), 320d E90/91/92/93 2.0D (07-12),
320d/Efficient Dynamics E90/91/92/93 2.0D (10-12), 320d/xDrive F30/31 2.0D (12-13),
325d E90/91/92/93 3.0D (10-14), 330d E90/91/92/93 3.0D (08-13), 330d/xd E90/91/92/93 (08-14),
520d E60/61 2.0D (07-10), 520d F10/11 2.0D (10-13), 520d/Efficient Dynamics F10/11 2.0D (11-13),
520d/xDrive F10/11 2.0D (11-13), 525d F10/11 3.0D (10-12), 530d F10/11 3.0D (10-13),
530d/ xDrive F10/11 3.0D (11-13), 530dGT F07 (09-12), 530d/xDrive GT F07 3.0D (09-12),
535d F10/11 3.0D (10-12), 535d/ xDrive GT F07 3.0D (10-12), 535d/xDrive F10/11 3.0D (11-13),
535dGT F07 (10-12), 640d/xDrive F12/13 3.0D (11-13), 730d F01/02/04V 3.0D (08-12),
730d/Ld F01/02/04 (08-12), 730d/xDrive F01/02/04 3.0D (09-12), 740d F01/02/04 (09-12),
740d xDrive F01/02/04 (09-12), M550d/xDrive F10/11 3.0D (12-13), X1 E84 2.0D (09-13),
X1 F84 2.0D (09-13), X1 sDrive 18d E84 (09-12), X1 sDrive 20d E84 (09-12), X1 xDrive 18d E84 (09-14),
X1 xDrive 20d E84 (09-12), X1 xDrive 23d E84 (09- 12), X3 E832.0D (07-10), X3 F25 2.0D (11-13),
X3 F25 3.0D (11-13), X3 xDrive 18d E83 (08-10), X3 xDrive 30d E83 (11-12), X5 E70 3.0D (10-12),
X5 xDrive 40d E70 (10-13), X6 E71/72 3.0D (10-13), X6 xDrive 30d E71/72 (10-14),
X6 xDrive 40d E71/72 (10-14) Mini: Clubman (10-14), Clubvan (12-14), Countryman (10-14), Mini (10-14),
Paceman (13-14), Roadster (12-14)
Engine Codes: N47/N47S: C16K1, C16U1, C20K1, C20U1, D16, D20A, D20A/O0,
D20A/0U0, D20B, D20C, D20C/K1, D20C/O1, D20C/U1, D20D/T0, D20D/T1,
D20O0, D20O1, D20C/O1, D20T0, D20U0, SD20B/D/T0, TD20K1,
TD20U1 N57: D30A, D30A/O0, D30B/TO, D30C/S1, D30B/T0, D30O0, D30O1,
D30TO, D30T0, D30UO, D30U0

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