Multi-mould bit 1/1/4′ x 23.8mm 1/4’shank


Multi-mould bit 1/1/4′ x 23.8mm 1/4’shank

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Pro-Tech. South African favourite for over 30 YearsMulti-Mould router bit
Decorative profile

Classical cove edge profile bit by Pro-Tech

Classical Cove bit profile
Give your furniture and cabinets a classic, architectural look with this unique
molding router bit. Perfect for chair rails, crown molding, door casings, trim,
pilasters, window casing/sills, baseboards and picture frames, you can use the full
profile, or just a portion of it to achieve the look you want.

The timber
is held securely against the fence and the bit makes the cut. This leaves you free
to feed the timber steadily – and your hands can safely be a long way from the cutters.
Plan to cut the profile in several passes – taking only a small amount off on the
last cut to get the best quality. Features two flutes and a 1/2
ball bearing guide.

This two-flute router bit is well balanced, eliminating vibration that degrades
the cut finish.

This router bit has a
6.35mm shank (shaft) that will fit most small or large routers
with the correct size collet. Please ensure that you select a router bit with
a shank (shaft) size that will fit into your router collet.

router bits are manufactured in Taiwan.

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