Cutter model a-1 + x3 exelblack blades


Cutter model a-1 + x3 exelblack blades

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Olfa® Auto-Lock Utility Knife

With Blade Snapper

Replacement blades:

Standard duty – AB
  Ultra-Sharp Black Blade – ABB
  Stainless steel – AB-S

Solid type – AB-SOL
  Sharper angled – SAB

Cat no: A-1/3BB

Product includes Ultra-Sharp Black Blades

The longtime seller “A” has been fully remodeled and now called “A-1”.
The thin-model cutter, featuring a full-scale pocket-clip/blade snapper and
carbon-like engraving on handle, fits hands and pockets perfectly. Thanks to its
special fine control Auto-Lock slider, the sharp angle SAB/DKB blades are its
official spare blades along with the standard AB/ABB blades. For both left- and
right-handed users.


With just firm finger pressure, you can open and close the knife thanks to
its snap-fit closure. Snapping the blade is easy, too — the knife has a built-in
blade snapper tool. Use the knife to cut through packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl,
window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials. (A-1, #5023)

Good For: Applications such as paint, window film and
packaging. Cuts tape, shrink wrap, wallpaper, film, cardboard, caulking and


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