Heavy duty plastic & laminate cutter retractable blade


Heavy duty plastic & laminate cutter retractable blade

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Olfa Acrylic Scoring Knife PC-L

Scoring and breaking acrylics the right way

Cat no: PC-L

Heavy-duty cutter, designed to produce a fine score line to precisely break
plastics, acrylic and laminates.

Features built-in room for spare blades and a ratchet-wheel for secure blade
extension and retraction, and unlimited blade positioning.

Includes 1 reversable tungsten steel PB-800 blade inserted
PLUS 2 replacement blades in the handle. For right- and left- handed use.

  • Cutting with this knife involves scratching the plate several
    times along the cutting line and then breaking it. This can easily be
    achieved with astraight line straight cut ;
  • In the case of thin plastic sheets, the use of this knife instead
    of the classic saw 
    allows the cracks and edges
    of cut edges to be avoided .
  • Handle with retractable blade made
    of high quality plastic (ABS) allows for convenient material cutting;
  • One-sided blade, same as the P-450 knife;
  • In the handle for spare blades ,
    complete with two spare blades.

How to scratch & break:

  1.  Place a plastic board on a flat surface and take straight strokes to make
    a score, deep enough to break by hand. Approximately one-third depth of the
    plastic board will be the rough standard.
  2. Snap off downward by hand along the score.
  3. Clean cut surface with the unsharpened edge, if necessary.


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