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180mm Polishing Bonnet Hook & Loop Concave (SPC00125)


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Product Description

180mm Polishing Bonnet Hook & Loop Concave (SPC00125).


The polishing wool buff should be used with an automotive polisher. Different polishes and waxes can be used with the buff. The buff is fastened onto a rubber backing pad with hook and loop. Make sure the diameter of the polishing buff is the same as the backing pad’s diameter.

It is necessary to polish a vehicle body panel when:
  • The panel has been newly painted with a clear-coat.
  • Shallow scratch marks need to be removed.
  • The panel has suffered from oxidation.
  • Swirl marks and hologram defects need to be removed.

TIP: The buff is washable after use if the polishing compound is soluble.

Steps to take when polishing a panel:

1. Preparing the panel:
  • Sometimes a panel has fine over-spray left from spraying the clear-coat. This needs to be removed by lightly sanding with a fine abrasive paper. All over-spray need to be sanded out up to P1500 grit.
  • The panel should be washed when all spray-finishing defects have been removed. Any dirt particles could cause scratch marks when polishing.
  • Tight curves and ends of the panel should be masked-off to prevent the effects caused by point pressure. The polisher should always be used on flat surfaces.
2. Applying the polishing compound:
  • A five rand coin amount of polishing compound should be applied to the buff. Switch the polisher to it’s lowest speed setting.
  • Switch on the polisher and gradually spread the polishing compound over the panel.
  • Keep moving the polisher on the panel to have as little amount of pressure and friction.
  • The polishing compound will remove the scratch marks caused by the P1500 sand paper and it will bring out an impressive gloss finish.
  • Remove the masking from the panels and apply the polishing compound to a microfiber cloth. Hand polish (by moving your hand in a small circular motion) the tight curves and ends in the panels until the same finish is achieved as from the polisher.
3. Wash the panel when finished:
  • Wash the panel after polishing to remove any residue from the polishing compound.


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