Rotary flap sander 40x20x6mm 220 grit

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Rotary flap sander 40x20x6mm 220 grit

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Rotary flap wheel

The flap a
wheel has a ø6mm steel shank and it runs through
the wheel creating better balance to reduce operator fatigue. Used with portable
drills or die grinders.

flap wheel in motion

SIZE: ø40mm
WIDTH: 20mm
GRIT: P220


These flap wheels
are used in the metal fabrication and welding industry for stock removal,
blending, deburring, cleaning, finishing and polishing.

Designed to deliver a consistant finish with a uniform rate of cut. Flap wheels
wear away, continually exposing new Aluminium Oxide abrasives. These abrasives
are a good choice for hard-to-grind materials such as aluminium, bronze, brass,
stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium.

Flap wheels can be used for achieving a satin finish on steel, aluminium, brass
and hard plastics.

Wear eye, face, body and respiratory protection.

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