Switched 3000W LiFePo4 ESS Solar Power System | SWD-8922

Switched 3000W LiFePo4 ESS Solar Power System | SWD-8922

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Elevate your energy independence with the Switched 3000W LiFePo4 ESS Solar Power System (SWD-8922).
This advanced solar power solution integrates cutting-edge technology to provide you with an uninterrupted power supply while reducing your carbon footprint.
Designed for both residential and commercial applications, this solar power system offers remarkable efficiency and longevity.


High Power Output:
Harness a robust 3000W power capacity, ensuring ample energy for various appliances and devices.

LiFePo4 Battery Technology:
Benefit from the exceptional cycle life of LiFePo4 batteries, exceeding 3000 full charge cycles for enduring reliability.

Seamless Integration:
The system features a 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Bluetooth for efficient solar panel integration and monitoring.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter:
Enjoy clean and stable power output, suitable for sensitive electronics and appliances.

Off-Grid Capability:
Experience energy independence, even during grid outages, making it ideal for remote locations and emergency situations.

– Rated power -3000W
– Output voltage waveform -Pure sine wave
– Output voltage regulation -230Vac±5%
– Output frequency -50Hz or 60Hz
– Peak efficiency -90%
– Nominal DC input voltage -24Vdc (±0.3)
– Standby Consumption – < 25W
– Max solar power input -1800W
– PV max charging current -60A (±3A)
– Combined charging current -70A (±4A)
– Max efficiency -98.0% max
– PV array open circuit voltage -145VDC
– PV Array MPPT Voltage Range -30~120VDC
– AC input voltage -230Vac ±5%
– Acceptable input voltage range -90-280VAC
– Nominal input frequency -50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
– Transfer time -10ms typical (UPS, VDE); 20ms typical (APL)
– Charging current at Nominal input voltage -20/30A (±4A)
– Charging Algorithm – 4-step (Li)
– AC output -230Vac (Socket x 4pcs)
– USB (5V 2.4A) -DC output x 2pcs
– USB (12V 1A) -DC output x 1pcs
– Nominal voltage -25.6V
– Battery capacity – 3072Wh
– Protection board -140A
– Standard charging and discharge current -50A
– Operation ambient temperature -Charge -0-45℃
– Discharge -10-60℃

Tips for Using the Product:

Optimal Placement:
Install solar panels in a location with maximum sunlight exposure for enhanced energy harvesting.

Regular Maintenance:
Periodically inspect and clean solar panels to ensure optimum performance.

Battery Care:
Keep the LiFePo4 batteries within the recommended temperature range for an extended lifespan.

Load Management:
Distribute power usage evenly to make the most of the system’s capabilities.

Safety First:
While the system is user-friendly, consult a professional for installation and maintenance if needed.


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