Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station | SWD-8923

Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station | SWD-8923

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High-Powered Energy:
Experience a robust power output of 5200W, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply for your devices and appliances.

Advanced LiFePo4 Battery:
Built with lithium iron phosphate technology, the battery provides exceptional durability, long cycle life, and enhanced safety.

Portable Trolley Design:
The integrated trolley design allows effortless mobility, making it easy to transport the power station wherever power is needed.

Versatile Charging Options:
Charge the unit through solar panels, AC outlets, or car chargers, granting you multiple ways to keep it powered up.

Multiple Output Ports:
The power station features a variety of output ports including AC, DC, and USB, catering to a wide range of devices simultaneously.

Intelligent Display:
Monitor battery status, input/output power, and more with the intuitive built-in display.

Emergency Backup:
Be prepared for power outages with this reliable backup solution that ensures essential devices stay operational.

Efficient Cooling System:
The power station incorporates an efficient cooling mechanism to prevent overheating during extended use.

– Rated power -5200W
– Output voltage waveform -Pure sine wave
– Output voltage regulation -230Vac±5%
– Output frequency -50Hz or 60Hz
– Peak efficiency -93%
– Nominal DC input voltage -48Vdc
– Standby Consumption – < 25W
– Max solar power input -6000W
– PV max charging current -80A
– Combined charging current -80A
– Max efficiency -98.0% max
– PV array open circuit voltage -450VDC
– PV Array MPPT Voltage Range -150V-430VDC
– AC input voltage -230Vac ±5%
– Acceptable input voltage range -170~280VAC
– Nominal input frequency -50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
– Transfer time -10ms typical (UPS, VDE); 20ms typical (APL)
– Charging current at Nominal input voltage -60A
– Charging Algorithm 4-step (Li)
– AC output -230Vac (Terminal)
– Nominal voltage – 51.2V
– Battery capacity – 5120Wh
– Standard charging and discharge current -100A
– Maximum charging & discharge current -100A
– Operation ambient temperature -Charge-0~45℃
– Discharge -20~55℃

Tips for Using the Product

Optimal Placement:
Place the power station in a well-ventilated area to ensure efficient cooling and prolong battery life.

Regular Maintenance:
Periodically charge and discharge the battery to maintain its capacity and prolong its overall lifespan.

Load Management:
Distribute power usage across various outputs to prevent overloading and optimize performance.

Solar Charging:
Take advantage of solar panels to recharge the power station while on outdoor excursions.

Safe Storage:
When not in use, store the power station in a cool, dry place to preserve its condition.


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